Windscreen wiper replacement

Have you changed your wipers in the last 12 months? If the answer is no, then perhaps it’s time that you considered windscreen wiper replacement for your vehicle.

As well as affecting your view of the road ahead, worn windscreen wipers may scratch your windscreen and potentially cause your vehicle to fail its MOT. We strongly recommend that you carry out windscreen wiper replacement at least once a year.

We supply Bosch windscreen wiper blades, so if you need new wipers, book online and add them to your order - we'll even fit the wipers during your appointment for free.

Check your windscreen wipers regularly

Windscreen wipers should be checked regularly and replaced at least annually or more often if you cover a high mileage. For example, a vehicle driven more than 18,000 miles a year should have its windscreen wiper blades replaced every six months.

Defective windscreen wiper blades could result in:

  • Your vehicle failing its MOT
  • Increased risk of a road accident through poor vision

Signs that your windscreen wipers need replacing

From the moment you get new wiper blades, road conditions and the environment start to affect them. The rubber will gradually harden with age causing the wiper blades to screech and judder, chatter or skip.

Sometimes damage to your windscreen such as a windscreen chip can nick the rubber of the blade causing it to leave un-swept bands of water on the screen.

Leaving bands of rainJuddering Leaving unwashed marginsMaking a noise

What to look for in a wiper blade

Effective removal of water and dirt (insects, road debris, etc.)Resistance to heat and cold (Bosch blades are tested from 80°C to -30°C) Effective removal of snow and iceResistance to organic and inorganic substances Resistance to corrosive and aggressive substancesResistance to mechanical pressure from wind and snow

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