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Windscreen scratch repair

Glass scratch repair - it sounds straight forward but did you know that polishing out a scratch compromises the structural strength of your windscreen? Sure, it looks good cosmetically, but you’ll be left with a thinner area that's weaker and more prone to damage.

A properly fitted windscreen accounts for up to 30% of a vehicle’s structural integrity.

At Autoglass®, we put safety first and that’s why we would recommend that a scratched windscreen is replaced and that you don’t consider going elsewhere for a windscreen scratch repair.

Get in contact with us for expert advice on what to do if your vehicle’s windscreen becomes scratched.

Alternatively, if your windscreen has a chip or a crack, it is recommended that you have the glass repaired or replaced. Book online today and we'll fix your glass. 

Prevent scratches to your windscreen

You can help to prevent your windscreen becoming scratched by regularly changing your wipers. Read more about windscreen wiper replacement here. You can also buy new windscreen wipers from us and one of our expert technicians will fit them during your appointment at no additional cost.

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