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At Autoglass®, we work closely with most of the UK's major insurance companies. Book online today and once we have confirmed your appointment with you, we'll take care of your insurance claim.

At Autoglass®, we make it simple

You don't even need to dig out your paperwork - all we need is your surname and postcode to confirm your insurance details. 

If there's anything for you to pay, you still don't need to contact your insurance company. We can collect the payment from you directly. Please note, we only accept card payments.

In addition to this, making an insurance claim will not reduce your No Claims Bonus. 

You can book online in just a few minutes. Remember, you don't need to dig out your paperwork. We only need your surname and postcode to confirm your insurance details. 

Want to know more? Visit our FAQs page about Making a claim

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