Autoglass® key facts

  • Autoglass® can repair or replace any type of glass on any make, model or age of vehicle.
  • Autoglass® operate a ‘repair first’ philosophy which means that whenever possible, we will repair your existing windscreen rather than replacing it with a new one, saving you both time and money. Autoglass® repairs are carried out to the BSAU242a 1998 standard.
  • Autoglass® can repair a chipped windscreen and you’ll only need to cover your excess if you claim through your insurance and have glass cover. This usually won't reduce any no claims bonus that you may have.
  • Autoglass® can take the hassle out of making a claim on your vehicle insurance by arranging for the work to be carried out and we can take care of your insurance claim for you, even taking any payment (such as an excess) if necessary.

    PLEASE NOTE however that we rely upon you, the customer, to confirm details of your vehicle glass cover. If you're unsure, we can - at your request - contact your insurance company on your behalf to confirm that you have glass cover (along with your excess if any), get their approval to carry out the work and, as appropriate, take care of all the paperwork involved.
  • At Autoglass®, we only use glass manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards, whether sourced from original equipment manufacturers or other suppliers, ensuring that the glass we fit is as good as the original piece of glass we are replacing.
  • Autoglass® serves more than 1 million motorists every year.
  • Autoglass® has over 1,000 technicians across the UK.
  • Autoglass® train its Technicians to Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) accredited standards and our National Skills Centre in Birmingham is an accredited training centre.
  • Autoglass® holds the ISO 14001:2015 Certification of Quality Assurance.
  • Autoglass® guarantees all our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle that we fix.
  • Autoglass® is proud to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and under their requirements we publish our complaints data every six months.
  • Autoglass® is part of Belron®, the world’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company that operates in 31 countries.
  • Autoglass® has a dedicated research and development centre – Belron® Technical – that constantly develops the most up-to-date knowledge, tools and training for use by our technicians.

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