Responsible Business

At Autoglass®, we recognise the vital role that businesses must play in addressing environmental and social challenges.

We strive daily to take on a greater responsibility and play our part in demonstrating how a business can be a force for change. We are committed to doing the right things and doing them right; we care about our impact on the environment and are driven to give back to society.

Our Responsible Business Insights Report 2021 provides an overview of our approach and progress around the sustainable and corporate responsibility agenda. As a responsible business, we will continue to ensure we deliver on our plans.

Going forward, our responsible business focus areas are Sustainable Products and Services and Investing in People and Society, with of course a continued focus on our responsible business foundations of; strong governance and assurance processes, our values and ethics, and the robust reporting and measurement of our responsible business activities.

View the Responsible Business Insights Report here

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