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Making a claim

Can I make an insurance claim for my glass damage?

Yes. If you have insurance that includes cover for glass damage, you can make a claim.

In most cases, you will only have to pay your excess.

Do I need to contact my insurer before I contact Autoglass®?

You don't need to contact your insurer before you come to us.

At Autoglass®, we work with most of the UK’s leading insurers. This means that we can take the hassle away and deal with them directly, so you don't have to.

What paperwork do I need to complete a booking online?

You don’t need to dig out your paperwork. We only need your surname and postcode to confirm your insurance details.

Will claiming on my insurance affect my No Claims Bonus?

Making an insurance claim will not reduce your No Claims Bonus.

Will a glass repair or replacement affect my premium?

Often your premiums can increase due to insurance companies putting their prices up but this is not usually anything to do with a glass claim.

What if my vehicle is leased?

If your vehicle is leased, or your company has an account with us, we will invoice them directly for the work once the job has been completed.

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