Windscreen recalibration

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As technology is becoming more advanced, we are seeing more vehicles built with intelligent driver assist systems. This includes the use of rear view cameras to aid parking to more complicated systems like Lane Departure Warning (LDW) that can detect a vehicle's surroundings. There are also more advanced systems that can actually take some control of the vehicle, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). 


These features are often refered to as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS.

What is ADAS?

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Whether your car has adaptive high beams, a collision detection system or autonomous night vision, these are all classed as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are technologies developed to automate, adapt or enhance vehicle systems for safety and better driving.


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Why is a windscreen calibration required?

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Driver assistance systems rely on a combination of cameras and sensors to work as intended.


With a windscreen replacement, some of these cameras will need to be refitted accurately and in the right place. If this isn't done correctly, this could have a significant impact on the functionality of a driver assist feature, which could be the difference between avoiding an accident or not.


That's why we strongly recommend getting an recalibration after a replacement windscreen to make sure that a vehicle's driver assist technology is working correctly when it's back on the road.

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Your windscreen calibration appointment

If your car is fitted with driver assist technology, it may require a recalibration following a windscreen replacement. But don't worry, we'll let you know when you book with us. One of our fully-trained technicians will then perform the calibration during your appointment. 


At Autoglass®, we are the windscreen calibration specialists, with the expert knowledge and tools to complete a calibration to the manufacturer's required standard.   


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