Winter Driving Tips

Prepare for winter with John’s Top Safety Tips

As the UK gears up for another cold winter, the team here at Autoglass® would like to help ensure you drive safely, so we have come up with a few top safety tips for simple vehicle checks that will help prepare you for the extreme weather conditions.

Before any journey, and particularly ahead of long distance trips, we would recommend you check tyre pressure, car lights, petrol and oil levels, but also look over the vehicle’s windscreen for scratches or cracks.

The combination of cold driving conditions and warm heaters creates stress on the windscreen, causing chips to crack, leading to avoidable time off the road. Checking your windscreen should be an essential part of your safety routine, especially during the winter months when driving conditions can become dangerous. You may not realise, but the windscreen provides up to 30 per cent of your car’s structural strength and is critical in supporting airbag deployment.

The poor weather conditions mean that there is a greater danger of windscreen damage, so be prepared and check out John’s Top Tips:

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