Autoglass® environmental policy

Autoglass® is the UK's leading vehicle glass repair and replacement expert, with over 1100 mobile technicians operating our mobile service. 

We recognise that our activities inevitably have an impact upon the environment, both locally and globally.

We believe that reducing our environmental ‘footprint’ is not only vital if we are to realise our purpose and achieve our objectives, but that we also have a social responsibility to care for and protect the environment for our generation and future generations to come.

Our commitments

We will:

  • Identify, monitor and manage the existing and potential aspects of our operations that significantly impact on the environment in line with a culture of continual improvement.
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and other appropriate environmental requirements, seeking best environmental practice where it is viable to do so.
  • Prevent pollution from our activities.
  • Be efficient with the resources that we use. This includes (but not exclusively) energy used in our buildings and for transport, glass, consumables, packaging and water. 

Whilst maintaining quality, we aim to:

  • Reduce what we use, reuse what we can, maximise recycling opportunities and restrict landfill waste to a minimum.
  • Provide the resources, training and information necessary for our people to comply with and implement this policy.

To support our Purpose, our Values and enhance our Environmental Performance we have established Environmental Objectives which are measurable, subject to ongoing monitoring and are communicated throughout the organisation.

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