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Wiper Terms and Conditions

Windscreen wiper promotion terms and exclusions (Summary)

Here’s a summary of our promotion’s terms. Full details appear below:

  • Our promotion only concerns front windscreen repair or replacement. No other vehicle glass is included.
  • We’re giving away free front windscreen wipers to almost all car and van drivers who book an appointment with us between 08:00 3rd and 18:00 17th November and have the work carried out.  Your appointment can be after the 17th, you just need to book between these dates.  First appointments already booked into the promotional period of 3rd – 17th November will also receive wipers. Bookings made after 6pm on 17th November 2014 won’t count.
  • Unfortunately there are some types of vehicle for which we do not stock wipers. Those vehicles are not included within our promotion.
  • When you make an appointment with us, we’ll speak with you to finalise the details and tell you if we have wipers available for your vehicle.
  • We’re sorry but we’re not offering free wipers for bigger vehicles.  If your vehicle does not qualify for our free wipers promotion, you can still buy wipers from us and we can fit them for you at no additional charge during your appointment.  And, of course, you’ll have the benefit of our lifetime guarantee on our vehicle glass repair/replacement for as long as you own your vehicle.

We hope all your questions will be answered by reading our full terms and conditions but, if not, please ask before going ahead with our service; we’ll be happy to help you.


Windscreen wiper promotion terms and exclusions

  1. The following terms apply to a front windscreen repair and front windscreen replacement promotion created by Autoglass® (the "Promotion").
  2. By participating in the Promotion, the participant agrees to abide by all the terms. Please ask at the time of making your appointment booking to confirm that your vehicle and appointment will qualify for the offer described in these terms of the Promotion.
  3. The period of the Promotion begins at 0800hrs Greenwich Mean Time on 3rd November 2014 and ends at 1800hrs GMT on 17th November 2014 (the "Promotion Period").
  4. The Promotion applies solely to appointments made with Autoglass® before the expiry of the Promotion Period for front windscreen repair or front windscreen replacement services that result in an invoiceable service being supplied by Autoglass® in respect of the vehicle for which the relevant appointment was made and in accordance with its usual terms of business http://www.autoglass.co.uk/Terms-of-Business.11864.0.html, where the relevant vehicle is a car or light van (being a vehicle of less than 7.529 tons) or van cab-style "C-Class" Motor Home (a "Qualifying Appointment").
  5. As part of the Promotion and subject to each of the remaining terms, each vehicle that is the subject of a Qualifying Appointment is entitled to be fitted with a pair of new Bosch front windscreen wiper blades ("Wipers") supplied and fitted by Autoglass® at no additional charge to the person responsible for paying the relevant invoice for the services.
  6. The Promotion does not extend to:
    1. any vehicle that is not a passenger car or a light van (being a vehicle of less than 7.529 tons) or a van cab-style "C-Class" Motor Home; or
    2. any kind of: motorcycle; heavy goods vehicle; vehicle of more than 7.529 tons; A-Class Motor Home; coach; bus; train; boat; agricultural vehicle; other truck of any kind; or any other vehicle type normally serviced by Autoglass® Specials division; or
    3. any vehicle which, before any vehicle glass repair or replacement service having commenced, is identified by Autoglass® as being a vehicle that does not qualify for free front windscreen wipers where that fact is clearly communicated to the person: making the appointment booking; or who contacts Autoglass® in connection with the booking; or who is in attendance at the vehicle before such work commences, as the case may be; or
    4. any type or make of wiper blades other than Bosch front windscreen wiper blades that are supplied by Autoglass® in the ordinary course of its business; all other types and makes are excluded from the Promotion and Autoglass® shall be under no obligation to supply such other types or makes; or
    5. any appointment for vehicle glass services that is not a Qualifying Appointment (for example but without limitation appointments bookings agreed with us after the Promotion ends will not qualify for the Promotion); or
    6. any vehicle that is not the subject of a Qualifying Appointment (for example, but without limitation, we will not replace the wipers on a second car that you may own where that is not the subject of the appointment); or
    7. any follow up work required to be performed by Autoglass® subsequent to an initial appointment whether that is a Qualifying Appointment or otherwise; or
    8. any vehicle located or registered outside mainland Great Britain or Northern Ireland; in particular, vehicles located or registered in and persons ordinarily resident in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or the Outlying Islands of the United Kingdom or any territory outside the United Kingdom are not included within the Promotion; or
    9. front windscreen damage that is not repairable or which does not require the front windscreen to be replaced by Autoglass®; in particular, pit damage to glass in respect of which a pit-fill may be carried out is not included within the Promotion. A pit is damage to the front windscreen that is too small to be repaired using resin to penetrate the windscreen damage; such damage results where the strength of the impact has not been strong enough to penetrate to the central laminate of the front windscreen, meaning there are no cracks emanating from the impact. The nature of the damage will be assessed by our technician upon inspection of the vehicle. The assessment of our technician shall be final and binding; or
    10. the supply or fitting of the arms on which the Wipers are to be mounted or to wiper blades or wiper arms for rear windscreens, front or rear headlamps or otherwise.
  7. A Qualifying Appointment does not require that the services to be supplied by Autoglass® must begin or be completed before the end of the Promotion Period.
  8. A Qualifying Appointment shall include mobile and branch based services offered by Autoglass®.
  9. To proceed with replacement of the Wipers, Autoglass® requires the consent of the vehicle owner. If there’s any doubt for our technician as to whether consent to replace the Wipers has been given, Autoglass® reserves the right not to fit the Wipers during the Qualifying Appointment. In that circumstance, the relevant customer may contact Autoglass® to arrange for the Wipers to be fitted at a later date to be agreed with Autoglass®. Where the person who gives the vehicle keys to Autoglass® gives authority for the Wipers to be fitted to the vehicle, Autoglass® may rely on that authority without further enquiry. The request to supply and fit Wipers to the relevant vehicle shall authorise Autoglass® to remove and dispose of the wiper blades that are to be replaced.
  10. Where a Qualifying Appointment is made in respect of a vehicle that requires Wipers that are not supplied by Autoglass® in the ordinary course of its business, the customer will not be entitled to any alternative offer, gift or promotional item.
  11. This Promotion may not be exchanged for a discount or cash. Except as otherwise set out at paragraph 10, there is no cash or other alternative to the Promotion described in these terms.
  12. Except in connection with any additional Qualifying Appointment, no Wipers shall be supplied or fitted to a vehicle where records of Autoglass® show that Wipers have already been supplied by it in relation to the Qualifying Appointment in respect of which the claim for Wipers is made.
  13. The benefit of the Promotion attaches solely to the vehicle in respect of which the Qualifying Appointment was made and is not assignable or otherwise transferrable to any person. Autoglass® shall be under no obligation to fit the relevant Wipers to any other vehicle as part of the Promotion.
  14. Except in respect of any Qualifying Appointment in respect of which Autoglass® has supplied its invoiceable service, Autoglass® reserves the right to modify or terminate the Promotion and its terms at any time and without prior notice to a participant. In case of the Promotion being modified or terminated, an announcement will be posted at www.autoglass.co.uk
  15. Autoglass® is not and shall not be deemed to be liable in any way for any costs, expenses, damages or liability incurred by any participant in connection with his/her participation in or failure to be eligible for the Promotion.
  16. Autoglass® shall not be liable to fulfil its obligations under the Promotion where it is unable to do so as a result of circumstances beyond its control and Autoglass® shall not be liable to compensate any person in such circumstances.
  17. If you are under 18 years of age, parental consent is required for you to take advantage of the Promotion.
  18. Eligibility of people working at any Belron® group company to participate in the Promotion shall be at the sole discretion of Autoglass®.
  19. No additional guarantee is offered by Autoglass® in respect of the Wipers. Your statutory rights are unaffected.
  20. Nothing in the rules shall limit the liability of Autoglass® for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or otherwise to the extent such limitation would be unlawful.
  21. These rules are issued by Belron UK Limited trading as Autoglass® (company number 494648), whose registered office is at 1 Priory Business Park, Cardington, Bedford MK44 3US ("Autoglass®").
  22. The Promotion is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law.
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